"Emmeetclaw do you promiese to be disloyal to this Clan at all times?" Meowed Kittypetstar. "I do, Kittypetttstar," meowed Emmetclaw. "Den from dis moment on you will be known as Emmetstar. I steppy down from me plac as leader and givin it tah you," meowed Kittypetstar, now Kittypetmeow.

Emmetstar took his place on the rock. "I will rename this Clan TrashClan," he meowed. All the cats stared at him. "Songpool, you will now be Grosspool," meowed Emmetstar. 

"No!" Screamed Peachpaw, now Peepaw. "We will do something. He is like Donald Trump, who we know as Donald Dump." Said Grosspool. "He told me to be disloyal, how come all my cats hat it?" Murmmered Emmetstar. Poostorm walked over to a trash can and fainted from the smell. 

"POOSTORM U THINK TRASH IS GROSS YOU ARE BANNED" meowed Emmetstar. Poostorm cried and ran away and tripped and fell and died. 

"Now, Grosspool, make a poem about how much this Clan loves toilets," meowed Emmetstar. Grosspool shook her head. "DO IT NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yowled Emmetstar. Grosspool ran away. "Ah, I am so respected," he meowed. Then PumpkinClan attacked.

"Oh no, Emmetclaw, the weakest warrior is leader." Said Gorsestar. "Anyway, this will be easy," he added. Gorsestar touched Emmetstar. Emmetstar got knocked out and sticked out his short, cute, tounge. He opened his eyes. "It happened again," said the medicine cat, Meowmeowmeowpants. 

"Step down as leader!"

"Ban him!"

"Kill him!"

"Get a gun, quick!"

Every cat outside yowled bad things at Emmetstar. 


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