"Um.. Those don't hurt us." Meowed Grosspool. Emmetstar remembered. He ran to grab a real gun. When he got it, all the cats looked at him in fear. "FEAR ME!!!" He yowled. All the cats ran around like maniacs.

"Emmetstar, now I respect you with all my heart. But today I am going to die." Meowed Poostorm, who just fell off a cliff. "Emmetstar," growled Grosspool. "That was my mat!" She yowled fiercely. Emmetstar was backed into a wall. The cats surrounding him, wanting to fight the natrual way. 

He grabbed his pocket gun and shot all their faces, but it did nothing. He did not realize it was a toy. "That is just a kit toy," growled Grosspool. 

Emmetstar was oblivious to it. The whole Clan laughed. Emmetstar crossed his eyes, stuck his tounge out, and lost a life. "Yay!" Yowled the Clan. They partied until Emmetstar woke up. When Emmetstar woke up, he joined in, not knowing this party was celebrating his kind of death. 

"EW EMMETSTAR!" Yowled a voice. It was Peepaw. The whole Clan ran around like crazy, Emmetstar thought it was his birthday party. So he danced all night. 


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