The next morning, Emmetstar realized something. He was drunk last night.

"Emmetstar shall die," he heard one of his warriors say. Emmetstar walked over. "Oh, hi, Emmetstar!" Said Grosspool in an innocent voice. "I know what you planned..." Said Emmetstar. 

Cats looked questioning. "I heard it, don't pretend," mewed Emmetstar. The cats surrounded him in a thick circle. 


They all leaped out of the bushes. The last dumb thing Emmetstar remembered was running around in circles. 


Emmetstar woke up in the death den. "Why am I here?" He meowed crossly. "To die," cackled Grosspool. He was lowered by a rope. "TrashClan, no!" 


Emmetstar opened his eyes to see it was all a dream. He was back. He sighed in relief. 


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