Leader: Stormstar - silver tabby tom
Deputy: Waterfoot - silver she-cat
Medicine Cat: Vinepelt - black tom
Warriors: Stoatheart - calico she-cat

Hazelfern - gray and white tom with a twisted hindleg

Whitefrost - black she-cat with a white chin and paws.

Feathersong - light brown tabby

Firepoppy - golden brown she-cat

Nightshade - black tom

Ashstorm - smoke black tabby tom

Wispshine - ginger and white she-cat

Apprentices: Windpaw - brown and white tabby

Rosepaw - lilac she-cat

Queens: Darkpelt - black she-cat
Kits: Redkit - russet ticked tabby tom

Fernkit - yellow tabby tom

Leafkit - tortoiseshell tom

Elders: Horsefur - brown tom

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