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Once more unto the breach dear friends

11:03, August 20, 2015 (UTC)

Chapter 1: Apprentices Edit

Dovekit ran over with her sister Ivykit they were six moons old now and would become apprentices "All cats who can catch there own prey, gather around for a Clan meeting" Firestar, the leader of ThunderClan, called. A group of cats gathered around for the meeting, which Dovekit thought was likely to be the meeting where she and her her sister became apprentices. Firestar waited for the teo kits to come on the top of the highrock. Dovekit waited for her her turn. 

"Cinderheart, you are ready to have an appentice, you will be the mentor to Ivykit. Ivykit, you will be known as Ivypaw." Firestar said. Dovekit shot a happy glance at her sister, who was now an apprentice. "Lionblaze you are ready for an apprentice, you will mentor Dovekit, and you Dovekit will now be called Dovepaw." Firestar said. Dovepaw smiled.

The Clan cats called out the names of the newest apprentices, "Ivypaw! Dovepaw! Ivypaw! Dovepaw!" The Clan called.

Firestar ended the meeting, and everyone left.  Dovepaw ran after her new mentor. "Lionblaze." She said.

"Hello, Dovepaw." Lionblaze said.

"Can we go hunting later?" Asked Dovepaw. Lionblaze nodded. 

"I was just on my way to ask to ask Cinderheart if she and Ivypaw could come, in the mean time, go ask Firestar about a dawn patrol next Sunrise, I was going to be on it, but I think that migth change since I am your mentor. Or maybe you will come." Lionblaze said, and he left. Dovepaw went to find Firestar. 

"You can't walk into Firestar's den like that, he might be busy." Berrynose said, spotting Dovepaw on her way into Firestar's den.

"Thanks Berrynose, but it will be fine, Lionblaze asked my to ask him something." Dovepaw said.

"Okay, fine, do whatever you want, but this is not allowed." Berrynose warned, unkindly. Dovepaw walked into Firestars den. 

"Hello? Dovewing what are you doing here?"Asked.