I hear battles cries. I get to my paws and fly into battle. I feel a pain in my belly... I think I have the deadly sickness... I spring out of the way as I feel movement coming towards me. Air slashes my whiskers as a badgers claw flashes too close to my face.

Suddenly, the snarling stops and I hear thumping noises, becoming fainter and fainter... then cries of grief.

The smell of death and blood wash over me. My thought snap to the white pelt that I've never seen. Winterkit! where is she? I'd never forgive myself if something happened to her.

I look around, although I can't see. "... Ioheart died bravely..." I hear the words come from the voice of Runningstrike. Winterkit's mother is dead? I hear a quiet cry and turn to scent Winterkit huddled with her brother and sister. "Are you okay?" I ask her, giving her a sniff.

She doesn't reply. I think she forgot I was blind and nodded. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather," I hear our leader, Waterstar, call the meeting, which there's not really a point since everyone's already out.

"It is too dangerous for our healthy warriors to remain in RockClan. All cats cats well enough to travel will leave RockClan."

I prick my ears in surprise. She's right though... all of the healthy cats will get ill if they stay.

All the cats stayed in a stunned silence, then they slowly began to chose which Clans they'd now belong to. "I will leave, for the safety of the Clan," my annoying denmate, Whiskerpaw announces. His friend, Pumpkinfrost decides to join him.

One by one, RockClan's numbers decline. Sparkstorm and Darkfrost have chosen to join StormClan. From what I hear, it's marshy, but a nice place, and those two warriors aren't that annoying... "I chose StormClan," I announce. "I'll go with my brother..." Duskpaw decides.

I cast him a glare, though I am really happy he's going. He suddenly starts laughing and I turn away. "I choose ShadeClan!" Dewkit mews, tail waving proudly. Pinekit joins her brother. I rest my blind gaze on Winterkit. Where will she go?

Winterkit takes a deep breath. "I'll... go with my siblings."

My heart feels like it stops. My best friend is going to live in another Clan? Miles away?

"Then it's decided. Leave now," Waterstar commands us as our leader, one last time. The patrols begin to leave, I don't move, I keep my gaze unblinking on Winterkit. She looks at me, then turns away. "Good-bye, Morningpaw."

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