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First idea by: User:XXGingerheartXx



Firepelt entered the medicine cat den "Are they born?" He asked. The fact there was no talking led Fireplet to think his matte was not a mother yet. He walked in, and waited. "Should I help?" He asked. The medicine cat, Berrytail, shook her head. Firepelt's mate was named Yellowheart, she was a yellow and orange cat. The first kit was born.

"Lick it." Said Berrytail. Quickly, Firepelt licked the oldest kit, it was a orange tabby. It was bigger and stronger then any other kit he had seen before. A tom he thought. The second kit was born. "That's all of them, lick this kit." Said Berrytail. Firepelt licked his younger kit, a gray tabby tom, who was much smaller and weaker then his older brother. Firepelt shoved the kit away. Runt he thought shoving the second-born kit away.

The first kit hissed, and slashed his younger brother. Yellowclaw picked up the first kit, and shoved him away from his younger brother. "What should we name the older kit?" She asked.

"Lionkit, he looks and acts like a lion." Firepelt said.

"That would be a great name. What do you think we should name his younger brother?" She asked.

Firepelt rolled his eyes at the thought of his weak second kit. "Name him what you want, I would call him 'Runtkit' if I would name him."

"He is small. But that's not a bad thing. He will get bigger, he's only a kit. Let's call him Littlekit." She said. She licked her two kits.

Firekit rolled his eyes. "Littlekit it is then." He said.

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