"But if we battled, how many cats would die? These are rogues; they show no mercy."

Crowsong opposing to Fernstar's  preposition to fight in ​Poison

Crowsong is an older, skinny, jet black tom with pale amber eyes, a gray muzzle and a long tail.

History Edit

He is seen at first, nameless, snapping at Willowpaw for interrupting his healing. He introduces himself and his apprentice, Silverstorm, to Ginger as she wakes up. He takes her to Fernstar. Crowsong tells Gingerheart later that why he is so feisty with his apprentice is because he was her and Iceclaw's father, despite the code. He strongly opposes against the battle. When the battle begins, he comes with Silverstorm to help heal injured cats from the sidelines. After the battle, Gingerheart sees him apologise to his kits in private for not fathering them, and that he is sorry.


Daughter: Silverstorm

Son: Iceclaw