"No Rockstorm... I've led a good, long life, I've had a loving mate and three, perfect kits. StarClan, I'm ready for you."

Cleverpelt to Rockstorm in Sparrow's Flight.

Cleverpelt is a brown tabby she-cat with white paws, and a white tailtip, with clear, blue eyes, and a nicked ear.


Cleverpelt is stubborn, nice, friendly, not afraid to make her point, intelligent, scrict to the rules, competitive, a sore loser, sporty, moody, caring, loyal, and helpful. She is very funny but serious, and afraid to say no, beacue she hates hurting other's feelings. She doesn't get embarrassed by her friends. She is a tomboy at heart, calm yet easily annoyed. She is headstrong and gets jealous easily.

Mother Waterpool
Father Brokenclaw
Siblings Softface, Smallflower (Sisters)
Mate Rockstorm
Kits Blackflame, Cinderflower (daughters), Thornstripe (son)