Leader: Vinestar: Grey diluted calico she-cat with bright green eyes
Deputy: Coldwhisker: Dark grey and white tom with blue eyes
Medicine Cat: Smallstep: Small, light brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Warriors: Rosie: Ginger tabby she-cat with pale-coloured eyes; former loner

Shoresplash: Beige she-cat with blue eyes

Slatenose: Dark grey tom with white paws and dark blue eyes

Whiskerstripe: Pale grey tabby tom with thin stripes and light violet eyes

Grassfield: Brown and white she-cat with dark green eyes

Basilflight: Pale greyish-brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Thunderclap: Black tom with amber eyes

Shattersong: Tortoiseshell she-cat with lime-coloured eyes


Brindlefur: Brown and grey mottled tabby tom

Cloudpelt: White and grey tom with blue eyes

Cardinalwish: Fiery ginger she-cat


Nightface: Black and grey tom with amber eyes


Ruddytail: Ruddy-coloured tom with grey eyes

Violetrush: Dark grey and white she-cat with bright violet eyes


Lightfur: White tom

Halfear: Scottish-fold grey tom

Swampfoot: Marshy brown tabby tom with turquoise eyes

Apprentices: Clearpaw: Extremely pale-grey brown tabby tom with bright, clear blue eyes

Baypaw: White and brown mottled tabby tom with bright green eyes

Asterpaw: Calico she-cat with fiery amber eyes

Mistpaw: Grey, black, and white she-cat with yellow eyes

Queens: Featherpatch: Fluffy spotted silver she-cat (mother to Spottedkit, Frecklekit, and Rumblekit)
Kits: Rumblekit: Silver and beige tom with pale yellow eyes

Spottedkit: Black-speckled silver she-kit with green eyes

Frecklekit: Pale grey tabby, freckled she-cat with seafoam-green eyes.

Elders: Bearsong: Tall, dark brown, patchy-furred tom with amber eyes

Raggedlight: Grey and silver tabby she-cat

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