"Don't you dare..."

Please do not edit Clan Chatroom: Part 2, or else, meaning I will bite you. And you won't be happy.

This is another retarded thing...

Firestar has joined chat.

Bluestar has joined chat.

Firestar: hiya Bluestar!

Bluestar has left chat.

Firestar: screw you.

Bluestar has joined chat.

Bluestar: excuse you? >:(

Firestar: umm... hehehe...

Firestar has left chat.

Bluestar has left chat. *chases after Firestar waving tickets and a baseball bat in the air*

Lionblaze has joined chat.

Cloudtail has joined chat.

Yellowfang has joined chat.

Yellowfang: what are you two up to?

Cloudtail: *takes bite of invisible taco* Nuffing

Lionblaze: *finishes taco* yea. we ifsh up to nuffing. jusht finishing thish taco

Yellowfang: mhm. and where did you get 'said taco'?

Lionblaze: *coughs up taco and puts back in StarClan 'employees only' fridge* 

Yellowfang: *goes to fridge and unknowingly finds chewed up invisible taco*

Yellowfang has left chat.

Lionblaze has left chat.

Cloudtail: should I leave?

Yellowfang has joined chat.

Yellowfang: yes.

Cloudtail: ok

Cloudtail has left chat. (screaming)

Part 2/Scene 1

Mudclaw has joined chat.

Onestar has joined chat.

Firestar has joined chat.

Mudclaw: I still hate you Firey.

Firestar: Why call me Firey then?

Mudclaw: ...

Firestar: exactly

Onestar: Mudclaw?

Mudclaw: hmm?

Onestar: shut up.

Mudclaw: *shuts up*

Onestar: *reaches across desk and steals Mudclaw's pencil*

Mudclaw: hey! Give that back

Onestar: *writes something down* *hands MudClaw the paper*

Mudclaw: *reads paper* *writes something down*

Onestar: *types hastily*

Onestar: yo mama... uhh... something...

Onestar has left chat.

Mudclaw: *O* anyway, how are you Firestar? Though we hate each other, we could at least try and have a decent conversation.

Firestar: ok... what do you want to talk about?

Mudclaw: YO MAMA!!! HEHEHE

Mudclaw has left chat. 

Firestar: *pounds desk and accidentally knocks over coffee*

Firestar has left chat.

Part 2/Scene 2

Blackstar has joined chat.

Al Yankovic has joined chat.

Clear Sky has joined chat.

Blackstar: hey aren't you that guy who came up with this song?

Al Yankovic: yes I am 'that guy who came up with this song'

Clear Sky: wow, I didn't know you were 'that guy who came up with this song'

Blackstar: ok. let's stop... lel

Clear Sky and Al Yankovic: k'den

Blackstar has left chat.

Blackstar has joined chat.

Blackstar has been kicked from chat by Al Yankovic.

Al Yankovic has been banned from chat by Clear Sky.

Everyone has left chat.

Everyone has joined chat.