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Made by Patchfeather

And i don't know who did the song.

My lady gives birth today

Poppyfrost has kits!

I run to the room right away

Berrynose ran to the Nursery

She smiles with glee, and hand her to me

Poppyfrost smiled at Berrynose and gave him his daughter

I look at my newborn and say...

Berrynose stared at Cherrykit, mouth hanging open


"Damn that's an ugly ass baby!"

Berrynose screamed

I'm feeling quite concerned

Berrynose stared at the kit fearfully

'Cause damn that's an ugly baby

What was that thing?

This is just what I feared...

Berrynose shook his head, he feared this would happen

Her head is misshapen and weird...

Her head was fluffy.... too fluffy...

She's skinny like a twig

She was far too skinny for her head size, Poppyfrost said that her head was just fluffier then her body but Berrynose didn't take that as an answer

But her hair color doesn't match her beard

Her fur color didn't match... She was supposed to be cream not ginger, she was supposed to look like him

"Damn that's an ugly baby!"

"GOD DAMN! That's an ugly ass baby!"

I give the doc' a smakin'

Berrynose smacked Jayfeather in the face

Say,"Can't you stuff her back in!?"

Couldn't Jayfeather do something about this mess?

Cause damn that's an ugly bay-beeh

Berrynose looked shocked at the kit

And when she smiles I find....

Berrynose watched in horror as Cherrykit smiled at him

Shane McGowan comes to mind....

An awful actor came to his mind at the sight....

It makes me want to cry... When I look into her good eye...

Berrynose fell on the ground crying at the sight of her only good eye, dumb Poppyfrost said that kits sometimes opened one eye before the other, But Berrynose didn't believe it... No he did not one bit...

I always wanted kids, Is it wrong to hope for sids?

*Cats yowl at him from outside*

"Fuck you! it's my fuckin' baby!"

Berrynose screamed to the cats, flipping them off

Then the doctor calls me in

Jayfeather called Berrynose to his den

"Mr. Lyntch, she has... a twin"

Jayfeather meowed handing him a son....


Berrynose screamed looking at his son, Molekit, he had cream spots, Like him! he was PERFECT!

"One for two on the good lookin' baby!"

Berrynose screamed

I almost start to weep...

Berrynose cried tears of joy while going back to the Nursery with his perfect son

"Now this one we can keep"

Berrynose told Poppyfrost

"'Cause that ones an ugly ass baby"

Berrynose pointed screaming at Cherrykit

"Damn what an ugly baby!"

Mousewhisker screamed while coming into the den


Berrynose and Mousewhisker screamed

Yeah she's just got one good tooth, one ear, one eye

Cherrykit only had one tooth! one opened ear! one opened eye! awful!

Thank god just one nose, but it's on her left thigh

Berrynose shook his head at the nose that was on her thigh, Poppyfrost said it was just the way her fur looked, but he didn't believe her

The thought of changing her diaper each day, Or powdering her ass with that tail in the way!

Berrynose shook his head, he couldn't clean this! that tail was in the way! that gross... ugly tail...

I think I could get a good price on eBay

Berrynose went on eBay and posted Cherrykit for a dim

"I don't want no ugly baby"

Berrynose yowled as Poppyfrost yowled at him for posting his daughter on eBay

"I said damn that's an ugly baby..."

Berrynose told Poppyfrost in, unable to believe she wanted to keep it

Damn.... that's an ugly baby....

He thought after selling Cherrykit for a moldy piece of bread.

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