A Fanfic written by: User:Aldwyn-The-Familiar.


Three Chosen cats, Nightbird, Windybrush, and Fangtail go on a quest. They encounter many dangers, and the fate of the Clans is in their paws. Only they can stop the fate the Clans might encounter, and the Clans are waiting...


"Nightbird! Nightbird!" She was nowhere to be seen, Windybrush's eyes were not yet adjusted to the darkness of night. Nightbird's pelt was black, witch would blend in with the night. Windybrush might be swift, while Nightbird is hidden. She would surely never find Nightbird! Swiftness was no match for hiding.




Wetstar- Grey tom with bright blue eyes


Lightwood- Small yellow she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat

Driftinglog- Black she-cat with brown eyes


Waterear- Grey tom with one red eye, the other is white and foggy.

Echodrift- Small white she-cat with brown eyes

Nightbird- Black she-cat with blue eyes

Shiningwater- White she-cat with shimmering green eyes

Whitefall- White tom with blue eyes

Chapter 1Edit

"Sounds like morning."

"Sleep in, Fangtail."

Fangtail padded out of her mossy nest. She yawned and stretched. "How come I'm up?" Asked Fangtail. "Fangy, you got me that time!" Meowed Lightwood. "I'm not Fangy." Replied Fangtail. She padded to the Medicine Den. "I wonder what you need?" Said a small voice. "Driftinglog," purred Fangtail. "Am I allowed in?" She asked, rather softly. "Of course." Purred Driftinglog in a calm voice. Fangtail padded into the dark den. "I shouldn't be hiding in here!" Laughed Driftinglog. "Ah, it's fine." Said Fangtail. Fangtail brushed the cave walls, marking her scent. "Hey!" Squeaked Driftinglog in one of her fun voices. "Don't mention it." Said Fangtail. "Oh, Fangtail!" Scolded a voice. The voice of someone Fangtail knew. Lightwood. "Are you her mate?" Asked Lightwood. "We're both girls." Replied Driftinglog.

More coming soon...

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