"See? Now will you rethink your choice?"

Buzzardstrike to Finchstar in Rogue

Buzardstrike is a brown tom with yellow eyes, and many scars across his pelt. 



When Breezefeather is given Goldenpaw as an apprentice, he lashes out, saying that Breezefeather is too young to have an apprentice. It is noted that he was a follower of Oakthorn , and his brother Mousepaw's death fueled his ambition. He comments that Rosegaze has never had an apprentice, either, and both deserve Goldenpaw. Finchstar disagrees, but Buzzardstrike attacks Breezefeather anyway. Breezefeather beats him during the attack, and he is badly wounded. Swallowpaw remarks that Breezefeather could have killed him. 

Later, when Ashpoppy is attacking Breeze, Buzzardstrike is noted to be helping Ashpoppy. He is next said to be dead beside Screech

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