This Clan is Owned by Ashstorm

Welcome to *burps* BurgerClan Edit

We live inside an old run down BurgerKing.

The Nursery is in the old gross moldy bathroom (nottomentionkitsdrowninthetololit) ANYWHO yeah. The Apprentices den is in the kitchen. The Warriors den is in the eat room. My den is anywhere I want, and by the way, my names Hogglestar. And the elders don't have a den since we always eat them...

Our prey is burgerbits, Frenchfrylings, and Chickengles. So that's it, I'm too lazy to say anymore, so yeah join so we can eat you.



Hogglestar: Fat brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes (Ash)


Frenchfrygrease- small she-cat that was probably white at one point, but she's yellow now. She also insists that she's just shiny, but she's greasy. Hey eyes are the color of vomit. (Ginger)


Chickenfingercry- 5 foot tall brown cat with evil looking eyes and a strange look in his eye likes he wants to eat another cat's claw. (Wolf)

Blumbore: 24 foot tall, 6 miles thick tom that looks like Firestar. His dads Scourge. (Ash)

Tastytail: brown she-cat with no tail, because it was eaten. (Spots)

Nettlefoot: Normal cat who is trapped there, ginger tom. (Ash)

Frenchfrifur: yellow she cat with orange eyes. (Holly)


Beefpaw - chunky brown tabby

Queens and Kits:

Burgerkit: slender gray cat that is normal

Caeserchickenwrap - light brown with a she-cat who's head looks like a salad. (Yellow) Mother to Blizzardkit: White tom with black spots, looks like an oreo sundae (Yellow)

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