"I have herbs that will combat death. I don't have herbs for a broken heart"

Brindlefrost thinking to herself in Dirty Little Secret

Kind Cat
Sex Female
Occupation Medicine cat of ForestClan
Eyes Sky blue
Coat Grey tabby she-cat with a light grey underbelly and a white arrow marking, with light grey freckles
Voice Urza Scarlett
Owner Cleverpelt

Brindlefrost is a grey tabby she-cat. She is the current medicine cat of ForestClan. She is one of the main characters in Dirty Little Secret.


Brindlefrost is a peppy and optimistic she-cat. She is caring and loyal, and thoughtful. She can often be spontaneous and secretive. She is impatient and stubborn. She is loving and playful, and she tends to take emotional pain very hard.


Mother: Ivyclaw

Father: Strikestripe

Brother: Ashenpaw/fire

Sister: Blizzardfoot

Mate: You'll see

Kits: "I'm a medicine cat."



Brindlekit, Ashenkit, and Blizzardkit were born to Ivyclaw and Strikestripe. Brindlekit had a fairly normal kithood. She started to become friends with Brownkit, her best friend, when she comforted him when his mom suddenly stopped breathing in the middle of the night.


Brindlepaw, Ashenpaw, Blizzardpaw, and Brownpaw were promoted to apprentices at six moons. Swirledpaw joined the Clan about a moon after they became apprentices. Blizzardpaw became Blizzardfoot two moons early for her bravery in the ForestIce war. Brindlepaw was apprenticed to Mistyrain. On the day of Brindlepaw and Brownpaw's warrior ceremony (Ashenpaw was held back because he lost a moon of training from injuring his leg), in fact during the ceremony, the patrol of Rowanscar, Muddypelt, and Palelight come back with Seedwhisker's dead body.

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