This is the first of Patchfeather's Epic Rap Battle series

Made by: ~Patchfeather

All idea/words go to: Youtube channel of Blixemi

Hey there little kitty cat

Prepare to get taught

No more secrets you've been keeping

I'll shed some light

Unlike your brothers blind spot

They call you a 'Lion'?

Man that's ironic

I've heard roar

From a weak old mouse

That you can't catch

But I'm on it

I hear you need some prophecy

To win the fights you've picked

I'm an unrestrained tornado

Ready to blow, Thunder let's go

You ain't worth shit

I'll call you Gary

For Gary Stu

Boy this rap is so over

Save the shit your about to spew

Now what was that?

Did I hear something?

Maybe it was some blown out son

Who's amounted to nothing

I don't need a prophecy

To sense some 'daddy issues'

It's not my fault pops wanted out

We find you repulsing

They call me a 'lion'

'Cause I'm the king

Of my Clan, of this rap, forest, your mate

Of everything

You call me Gary?

I'll call you crowfood

Wait, no, that would be mean

Crows would actually want you

Aw, that's cute

You think your all high and mighty

Step down on your pedestal, sir

And fight me more correctly

It wasn't too long ago

If I can remember

Poor little Lion was tricked and torn

By his mother, Her sister, and his mentor

The funnest part of all of this is that

Your mother couldn't help it

And chased the tail of a WindClan cat

Seems like the seed

Doesn't fall from the tree

What a lonely life you lead

So much for the Power of Three

I'm just gonna go right ahead

And stop you right there

'Cause your making this too easy for me

And it's simply unfair

Your calling me lonely?

Ha-ha, what a joke

I don't know if you recall

But Heather chose me

Like Blue picked Oak


Your nothing more

Than a poorly written side char

I'm the main cat

Of the main plot

Your a sad sack

That we all forgot

Step off now kit

You don't need to stay

'Cause the comments will be filled with

The name 'Lionblaze'

Who won? You decide

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