I don't want any Girl Scout cookies!

OH MY GOD *Manly scream*
HISTORY SCIENCE! 20:02, January 17, 2015 (UTC)


Welcome to BreezeClan. My name is Guststar.

Let me tell you about my Clan.

Now shut up, don't ask any questions, and enjoy the ride.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First up, our territory. It's a moor, as you can see. There are a couple trees here and there, but it's mostly just flatland. There's a river a little while away, that acts as a border. Off to the side there is some large, pointed stones. I can see you shivering, you don't think they call us BreezeClan for nothing, no?

Come on, let's get to camp, there's nothing more to see here. Oh, grow a backbone, it's only the nighttime. Nothing's gonna hurt you, Hon.

Is it always this cold? Is that what you said? I thought I told you not to ask any questions. Oh well, I'll answer it anyways. Yes, but only at night and in the cold season. The wind blows over the barren landscape, causing it to be cold. But I think you know how that works, no?

I guess as we're walking I should tell you a little about BreezeClan. Who knows how long back, a she-cat came to the moor. Went by the name of Breeze. Black and grey patchy-furred. Small and short. Thin as anything. But she and some other cats decided to created these Clans for other cats to live in. I heard her name was Breezestar, but rumour has it she stepped down when she was expecting kits. I think they called her Breezestep.

Enough of that, we're here. Look around, drink it in. See those dips, covered with bushes? Those are our dens. We sleep in them. Look, Flightfeather is standing guard. You can let them in, Flightfeather, it's a guest. Thanks.

Here's my  den. I sleep in it, I bet you could guess that though. You can sleep here tonight, and take a tour in the morning. The elders won't appreciate you waking them up in the middle of the night, and frankly, I wouldn't be happy in that situation either. Now hush, and go to sleep. I don't want to hear a peep from you until morning!