"What a stupid name."

Bandit at the battle to Gingerheart in Poison 


Bandit is a small, long-legged white she-cat with a splash of black fur horizontally across her face, a black tail tip, and black paws.


She is Ginger's littermate and, like her sister, isn't fond of living with Twolegs, though she likes it more than Ginger. She doesn't enjoy the life of Kittypet as much as her other sister, Lilly . Bandit is enraged when Ginger leaves with Gray, and takes back her teasing remarks (though not her suspicions) about the rogue. Before Ginger leaves with Gray, Bandit is very sad. 

Later, when Gray's group attacks SkyClan, Bandit hears the battle from her home and helps SkyClan's side. She is killed by an unknown rogue. Ginger finds Lilly in the Twolegplace, where she is devastated to find out that Bandit had died. She offered to take the body back to the Twolegs so that they knew what had happened.


Sisters: Gingerheart, Lilly

Mother: Flower