CHAPTER 1DawnkitEdit

"You had to do that Brightsight " my father Oceantooth growls to the brown she-cat. "I was trying to catch that bird I didn't mean for snow to fall on you " Brightsight says. Oceantooth shook off the snow on his pelt. "Hey" a small voice says. Oceantooth sweeps the snow off of a small lump to reveal my sister Swiftkit. "Sorry Sweetie" Oceantooth says. Swiftkit shakes off the snow walking over to me. "I look like a snow cat" Swiftkit says. I purr. "Stop it Dawnkit" Swiftkit growls. I take my eyes off of Swiftkit and stare at Acornpaw. I didn't care if he was older than me. "Hi Acornpaw" I say. Acornpaw waves his tail in greeting going back to talk with his sister Mistypaw. Fernstar bounces onto the rock that was covered in snow. "All cat's old enough to catch there own prey gather here beneath the snowrock" Fernstar calls. "What is going on" Littlepelt asks Willowpool. "Probably Acornpaw and Mistypaws warrior ceremony" Willowpool says. Birchflank was cleaning off the snow that covered there pelts. "Firefeather come on "Jaggedpaw says. "You two apprentices have proven you can follow the warrior code so I give you the names Acornsky and Mistydream Fernstar says. Sageear Birchflank and Jaggedpaw called out there new names the loudest. Acornsky dipped his head and touched Fernstars muzzle he leaps down going straight toward Sorrelkit. Mistydream purrs at her brother. "Congratulations Mistydream"Jaggedpaw her other brother says. "Don't worry Jaggedpaw you'll get your full medicine cat name soon " Mistydream says. "I just hope it's not Jaggedback" Jaggedpaw says. Mistydream purrs. "Hey Dawnkit" my brother Branchkit says. "I can't believe Acornsky likes Sorrelkit" I say. "What's wrong with that" Branchkit asks. "He was supposed to be mine" I say "Don't worry Dawnkit you'll find another Tom" a soft voice says. "Thanks mom" I say. "Wait" Fernstar says. Acornsky turned around looking confused. "We also have two new apprentices Sorrelkit you will be Sorrelpaw and your mentor is Moleleaf and Petalkit you will be Petalpaw and your mentor is Littlepelt Fernstar says hopping down from the Snow rock. "Sorrelpaw that's awesome" Acornsky says. Sorrelpaw was bouncing happily. "She still seems like a 'kit' to me "I say . Swiftkit nods in agreement. Branchkit shrugs . "I can't wait till I can leap over the river"Petalpaw says . " I hope she falls into it" I say. Branchkit let's out a small growl. "Dawnkit what do you think my warrior name will be"Swiftkit asks. "Either Swiftmist Swiftflower or Swiftsplash what about me " I ask. "Probably Dawnmist Dawnheart or Dawnwillow" Swiftkit says. "Dawnmist deputy of Snowclan" I say. "Swiftsplash is the deputy of the great Snowclan" Swiftkit says

CHAPTER 2 DawnkitEdit

Coming soon......

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