Prologue Edit

Frost covered the forest, a gray she-cat woke in her nest in her cave, the ferns that grew at the entrance were icy, and brown. She glanced outside, a thin layer of snow lay on the earth, marks already in it.

She stiffly rose, and fluffed out her smoky pelt. She looked at the nest next to hers, a brown tabby she-cat slept in it. Leafpaw's a great apprentice. She thought proudly. Maybe if she was something more then just an apprentice... She thought sadly and turned away from her.

She padded out of her den into a tunnel of dead, frosty ferns. She stopped to look out on her camp. She sat and watched Graystripe sort the patrols. She saw Sorrelpaw, Sootpaw, and Rainpaw bounce off excitedly with their mentors.

Longing to join them made her head hurt, she turned away to watch the patrols leave. The longing grew more powerful and she couldn't help but limp over. "Do you need any help? anything at all?" She asked hopefully. "Nope, nothing." Dustpelt meowed.

Cinderpelt's tail dropped. "Oh, okay, call me if you do..." She meowed briskly and went back to the entrance of her den and lied down with her head on her paws. She watched the warriors, and then saw Firestar come into camp with Sandstorm at his side. Pain gripped her heart and she sighed.

Why couldn't things be better for her? Why did this have to happen? Why couldn't she have had another story?

Chapter 1 Edit

"Get away! Get away!" Cinderpaw screamed happily as Brackenpaw leaped on her and was growing limp. "Nah, your nice and soft, I should sleep on you more." The golden brown apprentice mewed lightly.

Cinderpaw kicked his face, and he tumbled off and she began batting playfully at him. He jumped up and ranked his soft tabby paws through her fluffy coat. "Ha ha, missed m- Brackenpaw stopped her with a bat to the cheek. "I'll hunt you down to the end of the world for that!" Cinderpaw Screeched.

"Uh-oh." Brackenpaw squeaked and scrambled onto the tree stump.

Cinderpaw glared up at him when a voice caught her ear. "Well tell him Bluestar's sick, I'll be there once I get this patrol done." She heard her mentor, Fireheart meow.

Cinderpaw skidded over to him. "I can go." She chirped. "No, I don't want you getting into trouble, stay here." Fireheart replied firmly. "But-"

"No." He cut her off and padded away. Anger rose in her throat. How dare him? She snorted and went to her den, Brackenpaw was now dozing on the stump, his eyes got wide when he saw her, ready for an attack.

Cinderpaw padded into the den, thinking. Brackenpaw relaxed and jumped onto the earth and went to see her in the den. "Aren't we gonna play?" He asked.

"No not right now!" She snarled at him. He looked hurt and surprised. "Why are you mad?" He asked. She sighed, fluffy her tail out. "Tigerclaw was going to met Bluestar at the ash by the thunderpath, and shes sick so she can't come, and Fireheart won't let me go instead." Cinderpaw snorted.

Brackenpaw looked thoughtful. "We don't have to listen, it'll be fun!" Brackenpaw suddenly mewed. "Okay!" Cinderpaw squeaked as soon as he spoke the words, she ran out of the den and into the forest.

"Wait!" She heard Brackenpaw yowled farther away. Let's give him a challenge. She zig-zagged around bramble thickest, and bracken, she flew over a short new oak growing. She landed with a thud, and kept going.

She veered into the thickest of undergrowth, thorns scratched her ears, making them burn, her paws landed on needles. The last spring was ahead, over a huge ditch, until she was there, she crouched low, her paws skidding over the leaf mold earth and she pushed her hindlegs hard and she was in flight.

She landed with a crash on the other side, and into a thorn bush. Her fluffy pelt protecting her, she pulled herself out, fur wild with thorns sticking out.

She looked out over the ditch, amazed at her power. She trotted through the forest and was at the thunderpath at last. The arched smell burning her nose, which she wrinkled. A couple dead rabbits, and mice were on the stone.

She looked out on the path, amazed. She has never been on the path before, and no sigh of monsters. She scrambled onto the stone surprised at how hot it was. Her amazement blocked out the noise of thunder behind her and she whipped around to see the monster towering over her.

"Cinderpaw!" She heard her brothers scream and his paws pushed her away so hard, shocked she hurtled to the ShadowClan side of the path, and pain hit her when her shoulder hit the path.

Dazed, she looked in front of her the monster was now speeding away. She got to her paws and shook her pelt and turn to Brackenpaw, thinking he was on the grass waiting for her.

But she saw a golden brown clump of fur on the stone, a thin trail of blood coming off his leg.


Chapter 2 Edit

Cinderpaw sat at the entrance of the medicine den, grief ripped her heart. Brackenpaw might die and it'll be her fault. She saw Fireheart out of the corner of her eye. There was no way she could lie, if it hadn't been for the patrol that came, they would still be on the thunderpath.

He stopped in front of her, his eyes burned and his face was angry. "I told you not to go to the thunderpath." He snarled, but to her surprise, he didn't sound that mad.

"I- I'm sorry," Cinderpaw meowed, unable to look at him. "Sorry isn't enough, Brackenpaw almost died because of you."

Brackenpaw almost died because of you, the words echoed in her ears. Her head fell close to the ground, and her fluffy ears dropped. "You have to take care of the elders for four moons." He snorted and padded away.

She risked a glance at where he was, talking to Graystripe, Graystripe looked like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. She looked away, her own wounds forgotten. What if he does die? it'll be all my fault...

Frostfur came up to her and licked in between her ears. "It's okay, you didn't know this would happen." Frostfur meowed while licking. Cinderpaw pulled away from her mother. "But what if he does die? it will be my fault." Cinderpaw meowed glancing to the medicine den where Yellowfang's tail stuck out from the fern tunnel. Frostfur's ear flattened, she probably knew it was Cinderpaw's fault but was trying to make her think other wise.

"Go see if Yellowfang needs help, it's the best thing you can do right now." She meowed and pointed her pink nose to the den. Cinderpaw nodded and got up, great full for something to do. She padded stiffly to the Medicine den. It was shaded by the ferns making it feel cool. "Yellowfang?" Cinderpaw called quietly seeing the old gray she-cat sitting over Brackenpaw. "What?" Yellowfang asked without looking up from her work, a harshness to her tone.

"Do you need help?" Cinderpaw asked scrapping her claws across the ground, looking at the marks they made. "No." Yellowfang growled. Cinderpaw flinched. What if she did but she didn't want Cinderpaw around? "I could get moss, or herbs or help with what your doi-"

"I said no." Yellowfang snarled turning her flattened face to Cinderpaw's, her amber eyes blazing. Cinderpaw backed away into a boulder, her blue eyes wide. Yellowfang wasn't the nicest cat but she has never been this mean to Cinderpaw. Cinderpaw nodded and quickly ducked out of the den. She went to the elders den to check them for ticks. She put mouse-bile on a tick behind One-eye's ear.

The Clan seemed to be turning on Cinderpaw... Well she deserved it! She nearly killed her brother! She deserved to be shunned. "Don't beat yourself up because of this Cinderpaw, you didn't know that would happen." One-eye meowed. At lest some of the Clan wasn't mad at her. "Yeah." was all she said. She didn't believe One-eye or Frostfur, she thought they were letting her off too easy.

Chapter 3 Edit

More Coming Soon...

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