Amberfur's Fate/Trivia Edit

Warning: Spoilers for Amberfur's Fate!!! Read at your own risk!!!

  1. It is hinted throughout the book that Coarsefur and Pebblefur are brothers, though it is never mentioned.
  2. WaterClan never found Aspenleaf and she now walks with MoonClan.
  3. Amberfur's Fate page was originally named Fading Ripples until Blueleaf lost interest and decided to not delete the page, but just make another story out of it which so happened to turn out to be Amberfur's Fate.
  4. Amberfur's Fate was not planned at all.
  5. Ivyclaw and Stormheart were originally mates, but after Stormheart died, Ivyclaw was left to raise their kits alone.
  6. Stormheart was Aspenleaf's first kit.
  7. Aspenleaf's mate is possibly Thornstar himself.
  8. Beetle and Amber killed each other.

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