"You killed my kits. Now, I'll kill you.

-Amberfur to Beetle in Amberfur's Fate.

Amberfur Edit

Kind Unknown
Sex Female
Occupation Queen
Eyes Green-blue
Coat Chocolate tortoiseshell-and-white
Owner Blueleaf245

Affillations Edit

Current: Rogue

Past: WaterClan

Cause Of Death Edit

Slain by Beetle

Post-Death Edit


Names Edit

Kit: Unknown

Apprentice: Unknown

Warrior: Unknown

Queen: Amberfur

Rogue: Amber

Kin Edit


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Foster Mother: Fernheart

Foster Father: Falconflight

Foster Sisters: Dewfur, Willowfur

Education Edit

Mentor: Thornstar

Apprentices: Branchpaw

Deputy Position Edit

Preceded by: Ivyclaw

Succeeded by: Unknown

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