"Steer clear of editing Admins"

This page belongs to registered staff of MyOwnWarriors Wiki. Un-registered contributors are not to edit.

This is the Admin's page. Admins are special users that can block other users, edit nearly any page, edit MediaWiki pages and can lock and delete pages. Admins should be friendly when approached and can help you out on the wiki. Admins are trusted members of the wiki and work together to keep the Wiki in order. 

Here are the current admins on this wikiEdit


Here are the rules to become an Admin:

  • You have an account
  • You must have been active for most of the recent month
  • You must have over a contrusive amount of edits
  • You must be liable (ex. you cannot have a history of sockpuppeting, vandalism, etc.)
  • You cannot have been blocked AT ALL and you cannot have been chat-banned.


To request to be an admin, you must state why you want to be one, how much you can be on, your "strengths and weaknesses" and who do you want to take your place should something happen. Click the button below to make a request. State your request and sign it.