This book takes place after the battle with the Dark Forest. But something is different. The Dark Forest has won, few cats survive, and the ones that survive cannot stay much longer... Will the remaining Clan cats unite? Or will they fall.... forever?


A dark tabby tom raised his head and yowled in triumph. The cry was carried up and repeated around the darkened hollow. A golden tom pushed his way through the crowd of cats and hissed theateningly. The dark tom sneered. "Think you can fight? Well, little warrior, we'll see about that!" The throng of cats behind him laughed menacingly. The golden tom stepped forward, bristling."I will fight you any time, Tigerstar! I'll rip you to shreds!" The cats laughed again. Another dark tabby padded to stand beside Tigerstar. "Lionblaze, I suggest you look around you. The Dark Forest has won. Who's going to stand beside you now?" Lionblaze bared his teeth. "I have the powers of the stars in my paws!" The same tabby walked forward and stopped a tail-length away from Lionblaze. His eyes were like chips of ice. "Not any more. How'd you like to join your sister, Lionblaze? Then we'll find that scrawny excuse for a medicine cat and get rid of him, too. Then you'll all be one big, happy family." This statement caused the surrounding cats to yowl and laugh excitedly. "I'll do it!" "You know I would!" A tortoiseshell stepped forward. "That's enough!" she yowled, loud enough so every cat could hear. Quieter, she meowed, "Lionblaze, unless you want to join what remains of StarClan"- she spat on the ground. "I suggest you leave." Without a word, Lionblaze whirled around and stalked out of the clearing.

Chapter One

Lionblaze bowed his head in grief. Before him lay the still body of his sister, Hollyleaf. A pained howl echoed through the empty hollow. His brother, Jayfeather crouched by the medicine den while a beautiful she-cat murmured something to him. "It's not fair, Half Moon!" he wailed. "She didn't have to die!" It was only then that Lionblaze realized what he thought was dead bracken at their paws was a heap of tabby fur. With a sick jolt, he recognized the amber eyes staring sightlessly at the sky. It was Leafpool. He raced across the clearing to where his brother sat. Half Moon curled her tail around Jayfeather's shoulders."She gave her life to save you from Brokenstar. She died a warrior's death."